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  • NOMADS System Overview

    NOMADS System Overview

    Remote work shouldn’t mean sacrificing your health. Our NOMADS system is your roadmap to better fitness, nutrition, and stress management – all tailored for the remote worker’s lifestyle.

  • What My Bad Habits Taught Me

    What My Bad Habits Taught Me

    Even though I’m a fitness coach I’ve never committed everything to my own fitness and health. Like that, I learned how bad habits create a negative momentum, making it so much harder to be and feel fit. DO you have your habits in order?Click to read more.

  • Workout Consistency for Remote Workers

    Workout Consistency for Remote Workers

    Remote work offers flexibility, but maintaining fitness requires extra effort. The “Sunday Habit” involves scheduling weekly workouts on your calendar, providing a clear and adaptable structure. Invest in portable equipment like resistance bands for versatile workouts at home or while traveling. Start your day with a brief 5-minute exercise routine to boost energy and establish…

  • Remote team fitness struggles

    Remote team fitness struggles

    What’s the least amount of steps you could do in a workday? When working remotely, it can be as little as a few hundred. And while commuting and going out for lunch with your colleagues is not nearly enough physical activity, for some of us it was the only one they got. We need a…

  • How to Make Exercising Become a Habit

    How to Make Exercising Become a Habit

    I began my fitness journey at the age of 13 and have remained consistent. I’ve adopted strategies to make exercising a sustainable habit and figured that they also align with the lessons from the book Atomic Habits. My takeaways: make your workouts obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying. Starting small and celebrating progress are key elements…

  • Strong Remote Teams

    Strong Remote Teams

    Joe and I have a mission: to create a community of fit, healthy, and happy remote workers. We’ve developed a 12-week Team Coaching Program aimed at improving fitness and health within remote work communities. This program offers personalized training plans, habits, and weekly group coaching calls with ongoing support from a personal trainer. Beyond individual…

  • Be first

    Be first

    If you are reading our blog/newsletter, that probably means you value your health and fitness and you are trying to minimize the negative effects of our modern work environments. A big part of what keeps unhealthy habits so widespread is that we collectively accept them. But it only needs one person in the team to…