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Hunching over your laptop all day? Poor sleeping arrangements? We know what to do.

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Great physical fitness improves each aspect of your life.

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Joe Müller

Current Location:

Hamburg, Germany

With over a decade in software development and years of specialized fitness coaching, Joe brings a unique blend of analytical and wellness expertise.
Specializing in sustainable fitness, he offers tailored programs for those dealing with back issues, low energy, and weight management.

Marlon Schadeck

Current Location:

Baja, Mexico

Marlon is a certified fitness coach with a background in sports studies. He has developed the HaPi-Method, a scientifically-
backed, habit-based fitness program. He focuses on creating individualized training and nutrition plans, making him an expert in flexible, online coaching for a global clientele.

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Our coaches happily explain what you
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What equipment do I need?

We will give you a training program that fits whatever equipment you have available.
What you do need to get if you don’t have it yet is a suspension trainer.
Don’t buy the expensive brand and you can get it for 30 bucks.

Do I need to be a remote worker or digital nomad?

We won’t check your location history.
Our personal experience as location independent workers and our work with our remote clients define our exercise approach.
But it does not matter whether you work from home, travel a lot, or just want to be more flexible. If you feel like NomadStrong is the right place for you, we’ll happily welcome you.

Is online training safe?

For us, safety comes first.
Our programs are built for you after we do a comprehensive video assessment and discuss your comfort level and injury history.

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