Fit and active remote work koala

Why Remote Workers Must Train Extra

For the last three weeks, my dad has been here in Mexico for a visit.

In his younger years, he was a great athlete. However, over the last decades, he has completed zero workouts or runs. Ever since I have known him he smokes tobacco and eats rather unhealthy.

Regardless of being a little stiff and quite quickly out of breath, at 63 years of age he’s still stronger and fitter than others in their 30s. But how is that possible?

The reason is that my father is a carpenter. He has been working physically for nearly his entire life. He walks, lifts, and moves all day long. 

Even if targeted training and healthier habits would be advisable, he is still fit enough to hike over hill and dale with me over here in the Mexican rain forest. 

Now let’s imagine my dad was not a carpenter but a remote worker. Who has been sitting in front of his laptop (or rather the typewriter or so) over the last four decades. I could never just do all the exciting activities with him.

If my dad were a remote worker taking as little care about his fitness and health as he does, things would look very different for him now.

It is not news that working remotely inhibits natural movement. That’s why we have to be even more conscious about our long-term fitness and health. And implement healthy habits actively.  

If you’re a remote worker and you’re not doing these regularly, you’re seriously risking your future health: 

  • walk enough (minimum 8000 steps per day)
  • snacking movements (regular 1-3 minute mobility breaks)
  • stabilize and mobilize your body (minimum 3 weekly strength workouts)
  • find joy in moving your body (otherwise you won’t stick with it long-term) 

No matter where my life takes me, this is a solid minimum standard that will enable me to be just as adventure-ready as my dad is at his age. 

Also, I don’t smoke and my nutrition is at least a bit better than his.

Excited to be moving mountains 30 years from now.