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  • The “Hero Combo” for a strong back and better posture

    The “Hero Combo” for a strong back and better posture

    No gym needed! This simple exercise combo promotes back health. Watch the video to learn a quick combination that improves posture and boosts your mornings.

  • Back pain? Don’t stretch!

    The first solution that comes to most people’s minds when talking about back pain? Stretching! I did it too, reaching for my toes, and twisting and turning my limbs in all kinds of weird pretzels. But instead of fixing my back problem, they got worse. It turns out, pulling on painful muscles might not be…

  • Flexible Workouts

    Flexible Workouts

    The traditional, rigid gym routine might not be the optimal approach for those working remotely. Rather, a more flexible approach to fitness has been my key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The secret lies in having a diverse selection of workout plans readily available. Ready to ditch the one-size-fits-all routine and elevate your fitness journey?

  • 3D Training Exercises

    3D Training Exercises

    Did you get the 3D training guide?I put together a playlist of the exercises for your reference. We are also working on a mobility course 2.0 so let me know about any mobility questions you might have or stay tuned for the videos! Keep moving!

  • Why Remote Workers Must Train Extra

    Why Remote Workers Must Train Extra

    My dad’s a 63-year-old carpenter and stronger than many remote workers in their 30s. Here’s why his physically demanding job keeps him adventure-ready, and what remote workers must do to stay fit. Click to read the whole article.

  • Remote Work Fitness Issues

    Remote Work Fitness Issues

    We are all different but our bodies work mostly the same.This is why you probably had to deal with at least a few of the following, common remote work issues.Let’s look at how you can deal with each one! Bad postureIt’s a mix of muscles that are too active, others that are basically turned off,…

  • NOMADS System Overview

    NOMADS System Overview

    Remote work shouldn’t mean sacrificing your health. Our NOMADS system is your roadmap to better fitness, nutrition, and stress management – all tailored for the remote worker’s lifestyle.

  • 3 Remote Work Mistakes To Avoid

    3 Remote Work Mistakes To Avoid

    We all know how easy it is to mess up a whole day when working remotely. Towing the fine line between wasting 8h by being unfocused and lazy on the one side and pending burnout and anxiety on the other. There certainly is no universal solution, routine or schedule that could guarantee success. But here…

  • Remote Work Snacks

    Remote Work Snacks

    Are you missing out on essential movement as a remote worker? Learn about movement snacks and exercise snacks – the simple way to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

  • Update: Video Meeting 2.0

    Update: Video Meeting 2.0

    Sick of being glued to your screen during endless video meetings? It’s time to make meetings great again! Our bodies aren’t designed for this kind of static torture. Discover how to incorporate movement into your meetings, boost productivity, and ditch those video meeting blues.