Managing Your Fitness In 3 Simple Steps

You spend 8+ hours daily managing your private and work life. Then why is it so hard to spend 30 minutes managing your fitness?

Let’s look at the top 3 challenges remote workers have when caring for their health – and what you can do to master them.

1. You don’t know what to do

There are millions of offers out there on the internet. Millions of things that for sure have some positive effect. However, you are unique. You have individual interests, needs, and goals. You need a program that is designed accordingly. A one-fits-all solution might work for a while, but never forever.

My recommendation: First, define your goal. What do you want to achieve in what time? F.e. lose 5 kilos in 2 months. Second, define your needs. What do you have to take extra care of? F.e. strengthen your core to counteract back issues. Third, define your interests. What are the activities and workout environments you enjoy the most? F.e. outdoor workouts, swimming, etc.

2. You don’t know how to integrate fitness into everyday life

Before and after work you want to be there for your family, see your friends, or just need some time to relax. Working out and eating well feels like an extra burden. However, everyone I’ve worked with so far confirmed that a healthier, more active lifestyle boosted their performance in all other areas of life. But how to integrate fitness into your busy schedule?

My recommendation: Integrate workouts into your business calendar. To stay flexible, take 10 minutes every Sunday to schedule at least three workouts or activities for the upcoming week. Consider your preferred activities and workout environments. 

3. You’re missing accountability

Even if you have all your workouts and activities scheduled, skipping them is easy. Nothing will happen if you procrastinate until tomorrow or next week. At least short-term. In the long run, you’re risking your health.

My recommendation: Create a situation where missing a workout has a short-term effect. You can do that by including reward or punishment and/or through having an accountability buddy. There are enough people out there who are not satisfied with their fitness. I’m sure there is at least one potential companion among your friends, family, or work colleagues. Once you’ve found a person or group, hold each other accountable regarding workouts and other healthy habits. If that person lives close by, you can even train together.  

Fitness is not as complicated as it sometimes seems. Especially, once you have found a way that works for you. Know-how, structure, and accountability are the three essentials to managing your fitness. With a little effort, you can master the basics of all three on your own.

If you want to make things as easy and effective as possible though, I suggest you do what you’d do in your business or private life – you hire a professional.