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3 Remote Gym Gadgets

Read Time: 3 minutes

Remote work brought freedom and flexibility into my life.
Since I went fully remote, I canceled my gym membership, and started doing my workouts in the fresh air. I admit, it isn’t always easy to train with the same intensity as in a good gym. However, with just a little equipment and the right exercise choices I managed to get my anywhere workouts to the same level as my gym workouts.

Three affordable and space-saving gadgets make this possible. My own little mobile gym I always carry with me.

A Sling Trainer

Most people know it under the name “TRX”, which is just the original brand’s name. But there are many good and affordable alternatives on the market. With such a sling trainer you can replace almost all the exercises you could do in a regular gym. The fact that you’re working with your body weight makes training with it more effective. At least if your goal is not becoming a bodybuilder, but getting your body as functional and adventure-ready as possible.

Resistance Bands

With these you can make exercises harder (f.e. resistance band push-ups), you can make them easier (f.e. resistance band pull-ups) and you can do whole new exercises you might not have tried before (f.e. resistance band reverse flys).

Since they have different resistance levels I’d always get a set of 3 to 5 of them – you’ll need different bands for different exercises and you want to make sure you can level up over time.

A Jump Rope

A good warm-up before your workouts is not optional. We don’t want to get injured. Also, we want to feel physically and mentally ready for our workouts and unleash our full potential. Personally, I prefer a 10-minute run before my workouts. But in some places that´s just not possible. For these situations, I always have my jump rope with me.

Ok, I admit – in the beginning, it was a little frustrating to be stepping on the rope every five seconds. But the good news: I got better with every workout since coordination is a thing that improves super fast. And from then on my warm-ups have been fun.

My recommendation: Put on your two favorite songs and jump until the music stops.

These are the three gadgets that made my anywhere workouts more effective and enjoyable. So now, even though I have an affordable gym next door, I prefer a bodyweight-sunset-workout on my terrace.