12-week team coaching program

Strengthen Your Remote Team’s Health and Productivity

The benefits of a team
that’s in great shape

Reduce sick days

Lifestyle choices are the #1 predictor of health and work performance. After our program, your team will be strong and resilient!

Improve productivity

Workers will be more engaged and creative, thanks to better focus and cognitive performance through improved fitness.

Increase employee satisfaction

We teach our methods and develop a routine with everybody, that works for them after the program is done.

Your remote team has
health & fitness issues

  • 40% of remote workers report regular back pain
  • Studies show up to 60% decrease in productivity through lack of exercise
  • 65% of remote workers report feeling less fit than they were before they started working remotely

We have the
modern solution

What do your people need to be healthy and perform well?

Personalized training program

Healthy habits

Workspace optimization

This is how we make your
team bulletproof

Give your team the edge with our 12-week coaching program.

It’s like having a personal trainer in your people’s pocket at all times. We manage their fitness routine, support them in their habit management, and are available for feedback and questions.

We are proud to have
worked with

Your teams


Personalized assessments & programs

Each team member undergoes a comprehensive initial assessment to personalize their health and fitness plan.


Constant availability of our coaches

Besides our weekly group calls, we are always there for your team to fine-tune and support during the program.


Long-term habit and workout structure

We teach our methods and develop a routine with everybody, that works for them after the program is done.

We are

With our 10+ years of coaching experience, developing proven training and habit systems, we get digital nomads and remote workers into the best shape of their lives.

Meet our

Joe Müller
Personal Trainer

Marlon Schadeck
Physical Education Teacher

Does it fit into
your business?

Do you want to:

  • get your remote team in the best shape it can be?
  • reduce sick days and lost productivity due to health issues?
  • fill the gap for remote worker health benefits?

Then contact us and let’s discuss how to get your team moving!

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How personalized are the fitness and health plans?

They are 100% personalized. Based on your employees’ needs, we’ll write a suitable plan firsthand. 

What if my employees already train/have a program?

No matter their level or current activity, we tailor our advice to everybody’s current situation.
Only if they already closely work with a personal trainer/health coach our work would most likely be redundant.

How much time commitment is required each week?

The group coaching calls are 30 minutes in length.
The minimum time for the workouts is around 2 hours per week while for some people and goals, it might be a bit more.

How are the group sessions conducted, and what topics do they cover?

Once a week at a time you pick, we meet in groups of 5 to discuss the topics of our NOMADS system.
In a mini webinar session, we share our strategies and tools related to nutrition, habit management, recovery, and exercise.

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