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  • NOMADS training system – Holistic health and fitness

    Working on the ground and adding movement snacks to your day reduces the time needed to get unstuck but it does not cover all the areas of physical health and performance we want to take care of. 

  • When do what and how many? 

    How to structure your day for productivity. There is an optimal amount of work we can do and it varies greatly from person to person, changes over time, and can’t be accurately pinpointed.

  • 3 Remote Gym Gadgets

    3 Remote Gym Gadgets

    Forget the gym, fresh air’s my new training ground! Bodyweight exercises with a jump rope, resistance bands, and a sling trainer keep my workouts challenging and portable. No fancy machines needed. Click to read more.

  • Get down! 

    Ditch the chair and table! How working on the floor allows for unrestricted performance and the 5 important things to watch out for when making the switch.