The Bad-Habit Koala

What My Bad Habits Taught Me

Being a fitness coach doesn’t mean doing it all right. At least not for me.

For me, working remotely is deeply connected to living life. To travel to different places, and enjoy the local cuisine. To be free in my decision regarding what I eat and where or when I do my workouts. But to also be free to skip my good habits occasionally and let go.

While I mostly maintain a healthy 80/20 balance between good habits and bad habits, I’m far from doing it all right. However, the unhealthy 20% are a great reminder of how effectively bad habits worsen our fitness and well-being and why it’s so important to ensure the 80%.

Yes, my job is helping people to create a habit system that gets them sustainably fit. And I’m convinced that what I have is a sufficient amount of good habits that have kept me fit and healthy over the last 15 years of training.

Still, I overeat sometimes. Still, I don’t get enough sleep sometimes. Still, I drink and party sometimes. And every time the negative effects on my physical and mental condition show right after: I feel sluggish while working out. I lose track of my nutrition. I feel less focused while working. I feel less motivated to do whatever fun activity.

Now when I eat mindfully, sleep enough, and don’t go out too much it’s the other way around: I feel powerful while working out, I keep my nutrition balanced, I work better and longer, I do way more fun stuff.

My learning from fucking it up sometimes: The quality of our habits decides the quality of our lives.

So I want to encourage you to honestly reflect on your habits:

Do you eat healthy enough?
Are snacks and alcohol still an exception?
Do you move enough?
Do you sleep enough?
Do you get enough sunlight?

If not, then it’s time to make a change.