Start Strong

There are days when everything flows. And then there are days when everything feels cumbersome and chaotic. I guess, I don’t have to describe them any further cause you know what I’m talking about. 

Even if it’s not a bulletproof life hack, I figured out how I can have more of the good and less of the bad days.

I must start my days by moving. The more intense, the better. When I start my day strong, I get into a positive mood that makes everything that’s coming easier to handle. A mood that makes me look forward to sitting down, opening my laptop, and starting work. 

Even if I don’t always wake up ready, I nowadays do my workouts or at least some kind of physical activation in the morning. According to my timetable, I choose between 3 different levels: 

Level 1: 5 minutes of easy mobility exercises. 
Level 2: A 15-30 minute walk. 
Level 3: A 30-60 minute workout. 

These last weeks I managed to go for the daily morning workouts and I have to say it’s by far the most effective way to kickstart my day. It increases my productivity and well-being throughout the workday pretty reliably.

But sure different times will come. Times where I can’t work out every morning. That’s when I go for level 1 or 2.
Whatever happens, I start the day moving my body.

As you might have heard or felt before, physical movement causes increased dopamine release, leading to increased mood, focus, and awakeness. But there’s another very specific effect of working out in the morning:

Starting the day with a healthy habit makes it more likely to let other healthy decisions follow. And that doesn’t only apply to mornings. It also works for Mondays, the 1st of each month, or even New Year’s.
It’s about kicking off a positive momentum.

My take for today:

Start every year, month, week, and day strong to lay the foundation to continue strong.