3 Remote Work Mistakes To Avoid

We all know how easy it is to mess up a whole day when working remotely.
Towing the fine line between wasting 8h by being unfocused and lazy on the one side and pending burnout and anxiety on the other.

There certainly is no universal solution, routine or schedule that could guarantee success. But here are three things you can avoid to give yourself a better chance of ending the day with a good feeling and work output.

Not leaving the house in the morning
We need to get in touch with the world outside of our living box, first thing in the morning.
It’s not just the act of at least putting on some pants that helps us better structure our days later. Changing our environment is also important for separating work from life, especially if we do both in the same place.

Even when we come back in to sit down at our laptops, having been through the door reminds us that there is a world out there for us to enjoy and helps us later to shut down our work brain and go out to play.

And besides, a calm walk in the morning is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your physical and mental health.

Check out my post about morning routines for more on this.
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Not scheduling and prioritizing workouts

If you don’t have a good separation between work and your free time, things like working out easily get lost in between.

Sunday is the best day to put 3 strength and ideally 3 conditioning sessions in your calendar. Even then you will miss some but if you think you will “just remember” you’ll probably miss most.

Take advantage of our lifestyle and allow yourself to be a little bit flexible with when you do your training while making sure you move the calendar event to a reasonable alternative time, ideally on the same day.
Make sure to avoid the next mistake when rescheduling your workouts!

Not respecting your daily cycles
Do you often feel like you are not in the right state to do something?
Too tired to exercise or too amped up to focus on your work?

Or the worst, feeling focused and ready to produce some great work while being stuck in a boring meeting. 😠
Timing is essential.

Identify when you are suited for which activities or tasks, schedule your day accordingly and protect your time slots.
Combine this with a work free morning routine and a flexible but disciplined workout schedule to give yourself a real chance to balance remote work and life.

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