Strong Remote Teams

Joe and I have a mission. We want to create a community of fit, healthy, and happy remote workers. Most of you have at least one remote community already: Your colleagues from work. So why not start there and improve your team’s fitness and health?

That’s what our 12-week Team Coaching Program is for.

The idea is that you always have a personal trainer in your pocket. Someone who manages your fitness routine supports you in your habit management and is available for feedback and questions. In weekly group coaching calls you come together with your coach and colleagues to discuss your progress, celebrate results, and hold each other accountable.

Everyone in your team gets personalised training plans and habits depending on his or her individual interests, needs, and goals. You want to lose weight? We get you there. You want to get rid of joint and back pain? We get you there. You want to be stronger? Guess what.

But getting in great shape is not only a big win for employees. It’s also a big win for your company. Improved fitness means fewer sick days, more productivity, and increased employee satisfaction.

Our remote team program is a win-win. So if you’re working in a remote team why not propose it to your company’s HR person? If you’re that HR person, or someone who decides over such matters why not consider it?

Imagine working in a remote team with only fit, healthy, and happy colleagues or employees. That’s what we want for you and your company.

Let’s make it happen.

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