Why and How to Make your Workout Schedule Enjoyable

After living in Guadalajara (Mexico) for five years on and off I finally moved this month. I’m now living in Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful little city on the west coast of Mexico.

That means I can do my morning workouts at the beach. Finally! Also, I found a nice little old school gym for 250 Pesos (15$) a month next door. Nice! Then there’s this open-air sports park close by, with a few basketball courts and a boxing area. Perfect!

My current training schedule: I do daily morning workouts alternating between beach and gym. In the evening I go boxing for one or two hours and play some ball.

I know this is quite an intense schedule, but I love it. Especially because it’s so varied. I get to train my body in so many different ways. The process and the results feel amazing. 

But why would that matter to you as a reader? Simply because I want to show how important it is to make your training schedule effective and enjoyable. 

What I see many people doing wrong is that they focus too much on the first part. They just want their training to be effective to lose a few kilos, get a six-pack, or whatever. And then what? If you didn’t learn to enjoy the process, the results won’t last. 

That doesn’t mean you have to enjoy every workout. Sometimes you have to conquer the inner hog and force yourself a little. But at the end of each day and each week you should be thinking something like “That was nice!”.

If that’s not the case, you’re wasting your time. Because what you’re training for won’t be there in a year from now. Promise.

So how do we make our training enjoyable? Simply by filling it with activities we like or we used to like. Or maybe even things we would like, but we’ve never tried before.

That’s why I always ask the people I work with to make a list of all these activities. Then, we implement them into their weekly schedule and add them to your calendar. Just like I did when I came to Puerto Vallarta a few weeks ago. 

So to put it in a nutshell:

  • Yes, your training must be effective and goal-oriented (you want to see results)
  • But it should also be enjoyable (you want these results to last) 
  • So make a list of activities you enjoy, you used to enjoy, or you would enjoy

Implement them to your weekly schedule and add them to your calendar