Train weird

You decided to live a very unique lifestyle, why would you follow a mainstream fitness approach?

While we are at it, why would you follow a mainstream fitness approach at all? 

Looking at most people’s results, it does not seem to work out too well.

The good thing is, as nomads, we have the solution baked into our lifestyle.

You are a weirdo. Train like one.

Becoming a nomad can be scary and you will be reminded of how unusual it is.

Quitting the office job, selling the furniture, booking the first one-way ticket, everything is exciting.
And at the same time, all the people around you share their best dystopian ideas of why this won’t work out for you. 

The same happens once you decide to take care of yourself better and start a workout program.

Everybody has an opinion on the things you try out, everything is dangerous and unnecessary, and the trainer they found on Facebook says differently.

As people who take big, bold steps, we need to stop listening to those who are not where we want to be. 

Piecing together a modern, digital lifestyle is hard work. I’m sure you know the struggles of making friends, figuring out where to pay taxes, and finding inner peace while the outside environment changes constantly.

And the most exciting/scary part about it? There is no blueprint.

Nobody has lived a life like we do, for better and worse. 

Figuring out what we want and need, and then having the courage to go for it, is our nomadic superpower. 

Let’s look at how this can apply to our health and fitness approach.


Nomads are opportunistic, more or less by definition.
We use what is available and we move to improve our opportunities (or to get more sunshine).

Instead of clinging to a rigid training structure, we discover chances to get a few movement snacks in.

We are not easily discouraged by missing a session or not having the equipment we used last time.

We know that things can’t stay the same and are not afraid to adapt to new circumstances.

And most importantly, we are always ready to leave behind what does not work anymore.

Interestingly, this is where many people fail in their fitness routine, they get comfortable with where they are and stop progressing. Not a very nomadic thing to do.

Minimal approach

We have to learn to focus on the necessary basics, having just enough to make sure we reach our goals with as little unnecessary baggage as possible. 

Working out, first and foremost, is supposed to keep us in shape for our adventures and the more we sort out the routines and ideas that guide our efforts, the more efficiently we reach this goal.

Being unemotional and pragmatic about the things we have to do allows us the freedom to go where we want. While most people in conventional gyms are stuck in all the fluff and never stay focused enough to improve, we can pick the high-leverage activities and get them done. 


I have yet to meet a nomad who’s bragging about his possessions.
While talking endlessly about all the cool places you visited can get annoying as well, most of us feel that big cars don’t make us happy and super-expensive workout clothes won’t make us fit.

Regular gym goers often switch from trend to trend, falling victim to “shiny object” syndrome and trying to stay up-to-date. 

Undistracted from owning Benzes and Gucci bags, we value things like health, mobility, connection, and finding our purpose. All things that require us to be in good physical shape and focused on our health and performance.

It’s in our DNA

As a digital nomad, you have the mindset for health and fitness ingrained in your way of life. 

Avoid trying to put mainstream programs into your chaotic schedule, stay flexible as well as pragmatic, and make sure the fitness advice you apply is geared toward you and not somebody who works an office 9-5 with a 1h daily commute. 

You are different, dare I say special. Embrace it!

Let’s collect some weirdness!

What is the most unusual exercise, training routine, or habit that works for you?

Send me yours at….. 

mail and I’m going to share the weirdest with the group! 

Until then, keep moving!