My Mobile Gym 

If you´re reading this, you´re probably someone who travels a lot. And if you travel a lot, you´re probably someone who doesn’t always have his or her local gym around the corner.

Same for me. And from my own experience, I can say it isn’t always easy to train with the same intensity and consistency as you could in a good gym. However, with just little equipment and the right exercise choices I managed to get my anywhere workouts to the same level as my gym workouts. 

There are three travel-friendly and affordable gadgets that make this possible. My own little mobile gym I always carry with me:

A Sling Trainer

Most people know it under the name “TRX”, which is just the original brand´s name. But there are many good and affordable alternatives on the market. With such a sling trainer you can replace almost all the exercises you could do in a regular gym. The fact that you´re working with your own body weight makes training with it more effective. At least if your goal is not becoming a bodybuilder, but getting your body as functional and adventure-ready as possible. 

A Set of Extension Bands 

With these ones you can make exercises harder (f.e. extension band push-ups), you can make them easier (f.e. extension band pull-ups) and you can do whole new exercises you might not have tried before (f.e. extension band reverse flys).

Since they have different resistance levels I always get a set of 3 to 5 of them – you´ll need different bands for different exercises and you want to make sure you can get stronger over time by leveling up. 

A Jump Rope

A good warm-up before your workouts is not optional. We don’t want to get injured. Also, we want to feel physically and mentally ready for our workouts and unleash our full potential. Personally, I prefer a 10-minute run before my workouts. But in some places that´s just not possible. For these situations, I always have my jump rope with me.

Ok, I admit – in the beginning, it was a little frustrating to be stepping on the rope every five seconds. But good news: I got better with every workout since coordination is a thing that improves super fast. And from then on my warm-ups have been fun.
My recommendation: Put on your two favorite songs and jump until the music stops. 
These are the three gadgets that made my travel workouts more effective and enjoyable.
So now, even though here in Mexico I have an affordable gym next door, I mostly prefer a bodyweight-sunset-workout on my rooftop.