Author: Joe

  • Slow down to speed up!

    Do you train the same way you manage? You shouldn’t. We can tell you a lot about yourself just by watching you move.If you work in an environment that requires you to be flexible and dynamic, to make big decisions quickly, you most likely don’t have the most stable squat.Instead, you are probably rushing through…

  • Nomad Fitness – No gym needed

    Going to the gym takes a lot of time and organizational effort that is better spent thinking about your training program. Here’s how to get fit at home!

  • Focus and distractions

    Focus is not black and white and like most things, we can only strive for as good as possible. Do your best to generate an environment for your mind in which it can work at high capacity and more and more of your work sprints will leave you feeling amazed at what you accomplished.

  • Don’t eat that!

    Fasting is awesome. Everybody can start doing it, there are a lot of health benefits and it significantly boosts focus and performance.

  • Take a deep breath!

    Let’s make our breaths into a powerful tool we can use to calm us down or energize us by practicing basic breathing mechanics and some easy yet effective techniques.

  • Sleep well!

    Good sleep is essential to a successful day but modern life makes it easy to disrupt our sleep patterns and reduce the quality of our sleep.  With a few, easy habits and by avoiding some of the most negative influences on our recovery time we can restore a healthy sleep schedule.

  • NOMADS training system – Holistic health and fitness

    Working on the ground and adding movement snacks to your day reduces the time needed to get unstuck but it does not cover all the areas of physical health and performance we want to take care of. 

  • When do what and how many? 

    How to structure your day for productivity. There is an optimal amount of work we can do and it varies greatly from person to person, changes over time, and can’t be accurately pinpointed.

  • Get down! 

    Ditch the chair and table! How working on the floor allows for unrestricted performance and the 5 important things to watch out for when making the switch.

  • My Marathon Preparation

    My Marathon Preparation

    I was never really into running but one of our gym members decided he wanted to run the Lisbon Marathon in October and I thought, well, now is the time. Here’s a quick rundown of how I structure my training to make the whole thing as enjoyable as possible. My goal My goal is not…